About Us

We Want to Walk in Your Shoes

At our core, we are accountants. At our best, we walk in your shoes. As your business PARTNER, we become so immersed and so integrated, that we don’t guide from afar or walk along with you, we are ACTIVELY involved in your business as your trusted partner and efficient business consultant—we’re in your shoes.

It’s amazing how vendors and partners lack basic understanding of a business. Even after years of working with someone! Don’t work with pretenders, who over charge and under deliver. At Ries and Associates we ask questions like a tenacious bulldog. We dig until we find gold. We’ll pester you until you give us what we need. Why? It’s simple. We want to understand what you do, how you do it and what we can do to add value, save you money and put you on a profitable path to long-term success.


Team Approach

If Someone Tells You They Can Perform Miracles, Run For The Hills—FAST

When you work with Ries and Associates, you get a company with deeply rooted business ethics with a team first attitude, pragmatic mindset and steely eyed resolve. Don’t expect to hire us and then everything magically works. There are no sure things, no easy routes to sustained business success.

​Just nose to the grindstone with hard work, smart decisions on a daily, weekly and yearly basis to impact your challenges.

Trusted Partner


We Built Our Business on Trust

Our services and projects run the gamut from basic bookkeeping to accounting automation and consulting. We’re built for business today. Our sweet spot is small- to medium-sized businesses. From family-run enterprises to sole proprietors and everything in-between. We do individual tax returns as well.

Leadership Team

Each partner and team member is well-versed in accounting, audit, assurance, tax planning and business and technology consulting

Collectively, we bring our best when we are immersed in your business and live in your shoes. Our team works directly with you provide you with requisite leadership, mentoring and training opportunities as desired by the uniquely structured partnership with you.

Dan Ries

Our fearless leader! Dan is a great communicator, very knowledgeable in all facets of accounting and consulting. He brings a level of experience and understanding at a level that unrivaled in the business today. He is good at collaborating on projects and his leadership is invaluable and instructive to the benefit of our clients we serve.

Tom Almquist

Brings his A-game every day with unmatched depth and breadth of understanding that business needs to be successful today. From real estate to manufacturing he understands the nuances to business challenges today and what lies ahead. He has all the tools to make your life easier and chart a path to financial security.

Katie Schulz

Energy and passion are what separate Katie from the normal 9-5 types. She gets it...which enables clients to efficiently and accurately complete their ongoing needs. She enjoys the business and that spills into how she approaches projects and tasks—with vigor and energy that staff and clients respect and value.

Brian Pavek

Brian is all business and gets after it with an unequalled passion for his craft and the clients he serves. He loves numbers, loves his work and loves getting things done. We consider Brian a master craftsman who brings a level of expertise that is respected and counted on by our staff and clients alike.


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